The following is a selection of some of our most popular products.
For a full list of all our products please Download a PDF here.



Traditional Loaf

The dough for this old fashioned type loaf is mixed and left to ferment overnight producing the most delicious bread, just perfect for bacon sandwiches, jam and bread and cheese on toast.


Sunflower Loaf

This crunchy loaf is made with a white dough mixed and covered with sunflower seeds. Lovely to serve with soups.


3 Seed Loaf

Made with 100% wholemeal flour mixed with poppy, sesame and sunflower seeds.
Wonderful toasted (or not ) with all kinds of pates and terrines.


Black Olive Ciabatta

Ciabatta bread originates from Lombardy, Our version has black olives added to the dough before fermenting for a good length of time in order to achieve the traditional ciabatta crumb structure. A loaf with exceptional flavour, a perfect accompaniment to all Italian starters and cheeses.


Green Olive and Sun-dried Tomato breads

These are two of our speciality breads. Our green olive bread is made with green olives, sunflower seeds and olive oil.
Our sun-dried tomato bread is made from a white dough into which sun-dried tomatoes, herbs and oil are mixed.
Both these breads have wonderful aromas and are packed with flavour. Serve as a starter with deli meats with olive oil and balsamic vinegar as a dip. These are delicious toasted the next day.


Cottage Loaf

This is a traditional style of bread, which originated in Britain many years ago. It has a lovely light crumb and is terrific with chunks of cheese, pickles and a glass of beer.


Apricot, Date and Prune bread

This delicious, fruity loaf is made with apricots, dates and prunes mixed in with olive oil and black treacle. A fabulous alternative to plain toast, you don’t need any marmalade of jam with this!


Morning goods

Our Croissants and Brioche are all made with pure butter. Chelsea buns, Tea cakes and a variety of scones complete our morning range of products.


Bread pudding

A wonderful, spicy bread pudding, delicious with cream.




We bake fruit, cherry and almond and cheese scones. Perfect for afternoon tea.



Moroccan Orange Cake

The star of any afternoon tea is this deliciously moist cake that does not contain any flour. Ground almonds are used along with fresh oranges. Scrumptious with cream or crème fraiche.



Our pies are delivered daily and are made by Jackson’s butchers of Ruswarp. Jackson’s pies are famous throughout the area and are delicious at any time of the day.

The range includes:
Pork and apple
Egg and bacon
Sausage and tomato
Chicken and mushroom
Mince and onion

The winning combination of ingredients and seasonings definitely shine through these lovely pies.
Perfect for picnics parties and other social occasions.